The Creative


Born and raised a small town girl, Ye the Artist has always had a passion for creating and having dreams bigger than life. One day she realized that the bigger picture in life is to strive to be a better you each day. To get through life’s trials and tribulations, Ye uses her art to become a better her.

Ye identifies as a self taught artist but it is by no mistake that this is one of her God given talents. Using mostly acrylics, Ye the Artist, breathes life into all of her creations. She is able to take a photo and recreate it as a painting that will fit any space perfectly. As a host of painting events, she fully embodies OYT and her guest are able to understand and share that joy with her through their own creations. No matter if Ye is creating for a client or helping a client create, her passion for art is undeniable.

“OYT was birth from taking a leap of faith and learning how to let my light shine. Now it’s time for me to show how you, too, can Own Your Throne.”